February 07, 2006

More on patents

Between 2000 and 2004 the entire Muslim world managed to produced just 611 patentable inventions. Over a third of these (266) where from just one country, Malaysia.

Denmark produced 2284 patentable inventions between 2000 and 2004, 3.74 times the entire Muslim world.

Israel produced 5014 patentable inventions in the same period, 8.21 times the entire Muslim world. This despite being constantly under attack from terrorists.


Blogger Raw Carrot said...

You'd think, a guy who has a "web site" about GPS navigation systems would be able to target his spam more effectively... may I suggest the recycle bin on his desktop??

11:14 pm  
Blogger MatGB said...

Ah. I was going to comment that I haven't had spam like that for ages. But it appears Chris hasn't got that letter recognition thing on, so I don't feel as left out now.

But yup, pretty crappy spam all told.

Chris; do you not think the numbers are slightly distorted by population there? Lots of Muslims in the world, brings the avarage down.

Alternately, maybe they just don't file their patents and/or don't bother telling the US?

12:02 am  
Blogger chris said...

These numbers are not averages. They are the simple totals. So you would expect the far larger population of the entire Islamic world to produce a larger number than either Denmark or Isreal, but they don't.


The other list is averages. I wanted to find the way that religion effects the inventiveness of a culture. The reason for finding the average per million people was to get rid of distortions causd by population size as much as possible, leaving just the cultural effects.

Shinto and Judaism on one end might have distortions due to population size, as do Zionism and Indigenous Beliefs on the other. But the rest are generally comparible samples. Population size, and development state, is very comparible between the Islamic world and the Hindu world or officially Atheist China. Both of these are over twice the average of the Islamic world.

As for people choosing not to file in the USA. This is why I excluded the USA itself from my data. This leaves only people that file internationally. If they are going to file internationally they are most likely going to file in the largest market in the world, the USA. This was the best data that I was able to get on inventiveness so that is why I used it.


As for the spam, I left my comments wide open so that anybody can say anything. Since this was blatent spam I will delete it. If it was less blatent I would have left it. More subtle spam is fine.

9:53 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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Blogger chris said...

I said subtle spam errgh!

9:17 pm  

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